When we met, we both knew we wanted to see the wider world. The two years leading up to our marriage were full of open-ended plans. Kathleen began studying for her Masters in Photography and Henry changed jobs at work. Then we got the opportunity to move to the New York City area and make enough money to fund our European tour.

We now live in Los Angeles.


Henry grew up in Richmond, Virginia with a wide range of interests including international folk dancing, science, computers, and fantasy literature. He went to an alternative high school and then on to college (Europeans would call it University) at Swarthmore in Pennsylvania. During college he traveled twice to the west coast, once to France and once for a summer to Alaska. 

After college he took up organic farming of vegetables and hay near Kennet Square, Pennsylvania. To pay the bills he worked nights in a restaurant. That lasted until he returned to Virginia to take up residence on a farm his mother had recently purchased in Hanover County, Virginia.

There he fell back into his high school trade of programming, and his old fascination stole him away from farming. He rose up through the local ranks of computer professionals into management at a large corporation. It was then that he met Kathleen and began a new chapter.

At the crossroads of deciding which of them would go back to school first, they decided Henry would fund Kathleen's MFA in Photography, then they'd decide what to do with him. 

In fall of 2003 he began the MFA program in Screenwriting at the University of Southern California in the School of Cinema and Television. He invites you to view his writing resume

  Kathleen grew up in Chicago until her senior year in high school when she moved to Richmond Virginia. She went to college at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with degrees in Psychology and Photography. 

She landed a life changing volunteer position as a social worker in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There she spent over a year walking the troubled neighborhoods and helping mend some of it's broken lives.

When she returned to the States, she settled back in Richmond and took up a position with Chesterfield County Mental Health. Supporting the 'consumers' was rewarding, but working through the system was not.

In 1997 she left to find a career that would suit her better. In the midst of that she met Henry and started developing a life together with him.

Kathleen is now showing her work, lecturing on her travels and developing the images she obtained on their last trip to Europe funded by Fulbright and IREX grants. She invites you to see some samples of her recent work and to read her vita which she keeps updated with her shows and awards.

We met each other at a contra dance in Richmond, you can see our wedding and follow our European trip here at Leafpile.

Hope you enjoy!

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