H. Woods' Reading Room

 H. Woods' Writing Resume 

Available Feature Spec Scripts:

Dragon Child Family Fantasy Adventure
(Nicholls Quarterfinalist, American Accolades Semifinalist, FilmMakers Finalist)
A girl is cast out from her village for being different from everyone else. She finds a baby dragon and discovers she was born to talk to dragons. Through him she finds the strength to defend the village that cast her out against evil dragons. 
Engines of War: Epic War Story
(Sloan Award winner: top dollar scholarship at USC)
A true story of Greeks battling Romans. Archimedes, greatest scientist of the ancient world, wrestles with his pacifist morals and his estranged warrior son to build advanced war machines for defending his homeland against Roman invasion. When the Romans offer peace in exchange for Archimedes himself, he prepares his ultimate solution. 
Abused: Thriller
A detective teams up with his therapist after her hypnosis gives him visions of clues to a string of murders that only the murderer could know. 

Available TV Spec Scripts:

Creature Shop Pilot
A Hollywood special effects shop's real mission is fighting demons, which they do by binding their spirits into their creature puppets. 
Niki/Jessica -- the woman with a super-strong, super-aggressive alter ego -- meets Peter, who takes on the abilities of others. Peter suddenly discovers the alter-ego of his dead father still alive within him -- and his father is ready to be in the driver's seat again. 


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