Bratislava Skyline

Bratislava, June 16th-22nd, 2000:

Modern BridgeBratislava's old city center was saved from the razings of WWII and communism by good fortune. In WWII there wasn't enough going on to focus bombing there, and under communism, they built all the ultra-modern stuff and huge apartment block on the outside of the city.

Yes, it holds up the bridge. Yes, it has a restaurant on top. No, it doesn't rotate.

Statue taking a rest   

Artists have been busy in Bratislava. This brown sculptor, wearing a period costume, took a pause from his hard working day to rest his back.



This fellow was ready to dance, Bo Jangles style.


Man at work   

Here a man is taking care of maintenance on the artistic underground of Bratislava.

Man in the Hole

Dancers at the Home Store   

Folk dancing seems alive and sprightly here as well. We caught these detail glimpses of the local costume at a home improvement store.

National Opera   



Our temptation to visit the opera was blunted when we realized the super-titles would be in Slovakian.

Susan at the Market   



Our host Susan took us to the local market.

Market Ladies   

Where old ladies still sell homemade cheese and liquor.


Selling horseradish and cabbage   

This man is selling spicy pickled cabbage.



Local vases in the local grocery   

The chains are moving in. At the local TESCO they have local vase ware for sell.




Nuns in the city square   








Madonna movie   

Madonna's newest movie was causing quite a stir when we were there.

Approaching Devin Castle   


Just twenty minutes outside Bratislava is the Castle suburb of Devin.



Towers of Devin   

Full of improbable towers, it sits strategically at the convergence of the rivers Danube and Morava.

Devin is considered a symbol of Slovakian cultural independence in the face of over a thousand years of foreign rule.


Communist fortressSince before the Romans, there have been outposts here guarding the land of kings and nobles. The communists were no exception, being keenly interested to look out over the Danube, since the other side is the frontier of the west: Austria.



Barges on the Danube   


But today all these outposts are in ruins, museums to former days.

Tourists look out on the Danube from the top of these spires and watch the barges plying up river at the speed of 1000 feet an hour.

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