Old pole
This old pole threatened a neighbor's house...

November, 1999:

Digging the hole   

So the good natured neighbor dug out the old pole and removed the fences from the front of his house.

At some point in the past, months ago, the power company had dropped off new concrete poles for every wooden pole in the village. But they hadn't bothered to finish putting them all up.

Using the horses   


the men of the village took things into their own hands and started out by using horses.


  Rolling it along


Then they rolled it along.   



Pushing it over runners

Then a few more guys who were walking by joined in and they started shoving it over wooden runners toward the hole.



Beginning to lift   



Then they tried lifting it to be sure it could be done.


Using a pig pen   




They shoved anything they could grab under it. Here they're using a pig pen.

Up to this point, they'd been getting more men because anyone who passed by joined in. But now they realized they were going to need a lot more, so they sent guys out to other guy's homes.

Building a triangle   

A few planners stayed behind and built a makeshift stabilizer out of timbers and chains they had lying around.


More guys   




After a half hour, reinforcements came filtering in.



Eighteen guys   



With eighteen men pushing, they manifested the Power of a Village.


Climbing up   



   There was group consensus at work every step of they way, they'd all stop together and someone would volunteer to go adjust a chain or move a block.


Final adjustment   



After final adjustments were made, the party and reliving of the excitement lasted for hours.

There were even guys out in front the next morning, re-telling their story.


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