Coat and hook
No street names here. Just a house number.

Village Life - November 1-15, 1999:

Petru on his way to a haystack  

Petru in the shadow of the church leads his horses to collect a haystack.




   Kathleen and the flock


   Kathleen photographing a shepherd. Our home is in the background.




Called 'Poarta' in Romanian, these gates mark the edge of a family's home space and the beginning of the outside world.


Going to market   




Pigs riding to market.


Corn husking    


The hard grain corn comes off the cob with this tool. They buy their tin & copper from the gypsies. (They prefer to be called 'Roma,' but the Romanians call them 'tigani' - pronounced "tsir-gan.")

Night music   



They have many special holidays to celebrate their saints. On the night for Mihai and Gabriella, the young men in our village (Sarbi) banded together to sing through town.




The driving drum and chanting voices called us from our warm room. We walked with them along the road and joined their dance.


Wagon repair   



Wagons have brakes on the back. The pads are made by hand from old balded tires. Replacing them can take all morning.


Ileana on the bridge   



A young girl walks home.



Connection please   


With no phones in our village, this woman is our connection to the outside world. (Neighboring village of Budesti.)





Moving flock   

As this flock walked on the road, the quiet sounds of their small hooves mixed together into one sound like rain on a wooden roof.





All over the villages, men are preparing wood for constructions.

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Recent widower. He cried and turned away when
reminded of his wife, dead three weeks.

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