Still life
Vasile's wooden house, Sirbi

March 16-31, 2000:

The first flowers are out on the ground, and the air is full of promise.












On March 24th, families lit fires on their property.

Kids with fire   



The boys carried burning torches through the streets.

They say it's a Christian sarbatoare. But does this remind anyone of pagan Spring Solstice celebrations?

Dutch men   


The first tourists of the year award goes to four Dutchmen from a photo club. Of course, the villagers made sure we made a rendezvous.

Vines and gossip   



Our family replanted a set of grape vines. Or, we should say the men replanted the vines. The women kept tabs on that happenings out in the street.


Cards in spring   


The guys can now spread out the game and play outside.

Visiting with a smile   




Visiting goes on, and on.


Dumping the sticks   


Folks pruned the branches from their back yards. Too close to home to light a fire, so they just dump 'em in the river.


Key holder to the Ieud church   


The key keeper in the village of Ieud lets us in to see the oldest church in Maramures.

We asked him if he was married. He answered "don't have time."


Political prisoner in his home   

We interviewed Ion on video tape for an hour. He told us about his time as a political prisoner under the communist regime.

He is the only one in our village to have a book on the holocaust.


Big horse head   






Mother and her girl   



Like mother, like daughter. It's the expression.

Swelled River   


Spring rains have swollen the rivers.

The powerful waters crested a few inches from pouring out of their banks. It gave us a momentary fright, and a glimpse at the true power of water.



Spring delayed   



April Village Life, 2000


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