July 2000:

July is the hot month between planting and harvest. Daylight stretching from four in the morning until eleven at night.


Fields lie empty most of the long day.





It's a good time to tackle large, outdoor projects.

Our family builds a gate for their neighbor who's away tending sheep. It took about a week for them to carve the pieces and fit them together. They made it in their courtyard then carried it outside and down the street.





   Then, just like putting up a lightpole, the village pulls to gather to hoist it upright.














Celebration follows, and even the women get in on a bottle of tuica.






Students from Bucharest made the 14 hour train trip to our county. They had their own summer project: a study of village life in Maramures.





Cement they make with riverstones.







Larger stones are moved back in our courtyard. Our family is trading their work on the neighbor's gate for a large metal culvert. Before the culvert, the ditch out front was spanned by this enormous rock.

















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