Church door and brazier

Preparing to restore an old wooden church

November, 1999:

Painting on wood   

Our village has two old wooden churches. The older one has been around for almost five hundred years.

Its eastern gothic paintings are in need of restoration and some of its wooden timbers are rotting. So the government is sending restoration experts from Bucharest to restore and preserve the old parts of this historic monument.



But first, the villagers needed to remove all the day to day stuff they've got hanging inside.




Horse cart and worker   


So our family pitched in with their carutza (horse drawn wagon) and a bunch of other villagers pitched in with their backs.

Crown jewels   



Here they've unpacked the church jewels.

Brides wear the crown at their weddings.


Woman carrying candles   



Everything had to go, and there's no way down to the road except by foot.


Man with the old paintings   




Though they now have lots of reproduction art, their churches are still filled with these old paintings on wood.

They call them "icoana."


Stacking the paintings   


They carefully walked with these several hundred year old pieces of art to the foot of the church hill.



Piling them into the horse cart   



Where they piled them into the horse cart.


Loaded paintings   




One right on top of the other.



They'll be kept in a volunteer's attic for a year while the men from Bucharest renovate the church.

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Worthless money
Scooping up worthless 'bani' that fell
from an old collection stand. It's like Confederate money.
Interesting to them only because we were there.

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