Van and Cart
Romanian Roads

Sheep in the roadThe US State Department rates Romanian roads as "Poor." But really the surface is not that bad, it's the obstacles on them.

Here we have sheep in the road.

Cows in the road   

Cows in the road. (Our friend Christian is doing the dodging.)


Brides in the road.    

Brides in the road.

Okay, only a bride. (In Romania, they have a superstition that when a bride is getting married, she shouldn't see any other brides. Seeing the groom anytime is fine.)

   Haystack on the move

Haystacks in the road.


Haystack on the way down the mountain   

Haystack coming down the mountain.



Bad road   

In some spots, the roads are as bad as they warned us. In the US, some of them would be called streambeds.

Hitch-hiking Orthodox Sisters   

So few people own cars in Romania, everybody hitch hikes.

We picked up a couple of Orthodox sisters.

Peasants in the back   

And a van full of chattering peasants.


Snow on the Carpathians   



On the way to Bucovina, we got to see the alpine wonderland of the Carpathian mountains.

Snow on the Carpathians   

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Taxi driver catching up on 'Sunset Beach' while he drives.

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