Kathleen at work
Our Home: Sat Sirbi, Com. Budesti,
Jud. Maramures, Transylvania


View from Main Street   

From the only road that goes through town, this is the view of our home.

Our family built it themselves fifteen years ago. Took them all year from spring to fall.





Our car fits nicely in the courtyard behind the gate.

They insist we bring it in to keep it away from 'vagabonds.'

Rainy day on the 'Carutsa'   


We travel about on 'carutsa' whenever we can. It saves gas. Of course sometimes we need to move the van to make room for the horsecart to get out.

Cleaning the van   



On days when we have to take the van, and it gets all muddy, Petru helps us wash it off.

Amazing how clean it gets with a broom and a bucket of river water.

Eating nuts   


Our family takes great care of us. Here we're eating staple Romanian treat: roasted pumpkin seeds.

Dressing for church   




Getting ready for Orthodox Church.


Hair cut   


When Petru's not wrangling horses, he takes time to cut hair. Never met a more gentle pair of hands.

Making Prajitura   

They make us fresh bread and pastries.



Potatoe soup in the making   




And they make special vegetarian food for us.

Family time around the computer   



When we showed them our web page, it was like watching people experience TV for the first time.

Sunset Beach   

Our home has a TV, like most Romanian homes.

The nation is glued to 'Sunset Beach,' what they call a telenovela, and what we'd call a soap opera playing in prime time.


Petru and Petru and Wood   

Petru 'junior' (son in law) and Petru 'senior' cutting wood for the winter.





Plumbing in the village.


Composting toilet   


Here in the villages of Maramures, everyone composts what goes into the 'toileta.'


Ileana prepares for a dance   


The young girl in our house Ileana prepares for her big trip to Bucharest with her school dance performance group.


Our house even came complete with affectionate kitty.

We like it here.




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Computer by the soba
   Warm by our woodstove, writing e-mails.

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