On a trek through Hungarian Romania

Szekely Region, August 2000:

The Szekely region of Romania was historically Hungarian. We took a trip through the region and noticed how widespread and varied the gates are.


In Maramures, the gates are only carved, but in Szekely, the gates are carved and then painted.






One can also see how the older, wood-only gates have evolved into plaster gateposts with wooden doors.














   And then further evolved into abbreviated versions with portals only for the people inside a compound.









   Some houses still sport thatch roofs.







   In the mountains of Szekely, tourist oriented sites are doing a brisk business in wood carvings, pottery and wicker ware.




Customers are mostly Hungarians from Hungary on holiday to Transylvania, of which Szekely is a part. They consider Transylvanian crafts part of their own heritage.








   Locally, artisans produce furniture for local consumption. Transportation is in keeping with everyday life....









Despite some differences in costume and architecture, Village life carries on much the same as in Maramures -- they happily take the time to wait for neighbors to walk by.

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