The gathering at the Tirg
Tirg in Romanian means "Trade"

February 2000:   

Going thereOur village empties out on every Thursday as folks head out to the Market and the "Tirg."

This is the view from our family's carutza, or wagon. Though she doesn't know it, the white horse on the right is for sale. She's pregnant and due in a month or so.

Our family already has one 'spare' horse, and no more room in their barn. Plus, tax day is coming when they count all the animals you have...

Matusha and her calf   


Matusha (aunt), who has fed this calf three times a day for six weeks must now take her to be sold for meat. (It's been carefully tied down to the cart because it's too young to keep up with the horses.)

Goats for sale   


If a family has goats...



... or oxen...




... they come to the Tirg.


The gathering   




Here they gather by their wagons, with their crates and their bound beasts, picking, prodding and haggling.

Pig Shopping   


Pigs are shopped for out of crates.

Running for it   


Sometimes they make a run for it.


Shephard amongst the Claie   


Sheep are cheaper by the dozen.

What did you buy?   

The 'buzz' network keeps prices updated.



Deal is made   


For 'small deals,' money changes hands on the spot. (Or sometimes traded animals or goods change hands -- corn traded for pigs, hay hauling traded for firewood...)




Counting money   

But if it's a big deal, as it was for our family's horse (7.5 Million Lei, or about $400) then money is exchanged back in the village.

Here, two men count, then turn it over to our family, where the two men count it again.

Horse goes away   

Then, at once, the animal transfer takes place outside.

This horse had been with our family for seven years, ever since it was a foal. She seemed to know from her owners that this was goodbye....


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Home from the Tirg
Home from the Tirg with less sheep than before.

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