Potatoe Peasants
Peasants in Breb, Jud. Maramures


Hard work and fruitful times

The fruits of their labors


Engineers getting their carrots   

In Romania, the average income is less than $100. On that, even with Romanian prices, many people cannot afford to eat. So people with advanced degrees like these electrical engineers grow food. This practice is widespread. (Alba Iulia, Jud. Cluj)

Corn harvest   

But most farming is done by 'peasants' who have no jobs other than making food from the land and their animals. (Alba Iulia, Jud. Cluj)

Interplanted crops   

They practice highly efficient farming techniques that Organic Farmers back in the states work hard to duplicate.

Here squash, corn, sugar beets and beans are harvested all from a single field.

Throwing corn   


When we were done photographing, we joined in, throwing the harvested food up into their wagon. They were amazed and told us they thought Americans didn't work.

Making hay   



To feed their animals (horses, cows, pigs and sheep) through the winter, they cultivate hay fields -- reaping them with hand scythes, using wooden rakes to rake it dry, then stacking it in the Seusian shaped mounds.

Mihai here is 80 and his daughter Maria is 60.
(Glod, Jud. Maramures)



Gardening is seriously competitive for a serious activity. Ileana wants us to know her carrots are bigger than anyone else's in the village.




   Every hayfield is ringed by fruit trees. When the hay is done, they harvest a basketful of fruit.


And the fruit piles up in villages all over this region. Here a wagonful of prunes waits to be made into tuica (tswee-ka -- 100 proof fruit liquor).






   Beans are important people food.






   But squash are only for animals.














   One clue to a villager's economic status is how they transport their harvest.


Raking the hay   

Woman in the corn

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