A Winter Wedding in Valeni, Maramures

February 2000:

One of the wedding traditions in Maramures states that when the bride and groom come from different villages, then the groom and his friends must go and fetch the bride.


To do it in old-fashioned style, the groom suits up with his buddies and travels on horseback.
















At the lead rides the best man with the bell stick. In the back rides the wagons with the band.    










We stop off in the bride's compound. The close relations go inside for singing and food. Neighbors and friends socialize outside.




Of course, any wedding requires liberal amounts of tuica (tswee-kah -- 100 proof fruit brandy).



After the family has sung their good-byes to the bride and groom, they begin separate processions to the church.    





The bride and groom kneel before the bible and the priest, donning the crown, and making a vow to God to keep their matrimony sacred.





From sacred to party marathon. No wedding is complete without a party that lasts all night -- literally. They won't stop until after the late sun has risen over snowy rooftops.











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