The Merry Cemetary
Sapinta, Maramures


most popular about how my head was shot off by a crazy hungarian
cars have been killing folks in MM for years, this man died in 1979.
not always how a person dies, but what the person liked to do when they were alive
example of a new cross to replace the old worn one

how he died from tuica and cigarettesthese i believe are words about someone else dying of cigs and tuica

"As long as I lived in this world
My name was Stetca Toader.
I slaughtered a lot of sheep
And singed many a pig.
I fed meat to many people,
I had a large garden
I raised six children
They took wives and husbands
They obeyed me
They are good people in the village.
But you, my dear wife,
I left you a widow
And I went under the earth
And now I bid you all farewell
And please forge me not.
Lived 75 years. Died in 1982."

"Accursed be that taxi
That came from Sibiu,
In such a big country
It found no other place to stop
But next to our house,
To strike me down
And bring great sadness to my parents
For there's no greater sorrow
Than the death of a little one.
My folks will mourn for me
For the rest of their days.
You'll be in our thoughts forever
Died at age 2 in 1978."

"When I wanted to go home
To my wife and children,
And got into the Tisa
To swim across
To my village,
An evil man shot me
In the back.
He buried me right there,
Didn't bring me back
To my own village.
My children
Were left orphans,
May God bless them,
For they still think of me.
In memory of
Stan Ioan Ciltu
Born 1905. Died 1936."

"Ever since my childhood
I was called Ionu Nevesti.
As long as I lived on this earth
I sewed many a coat
For I really loved
To do sewing.
I had one son
That I left longingly.
As long as he lives
He won't find a father like me
Until he comes next to me
And we'll be together again
For I left this life
At age 69. Died in 1988."

"I had to earn my living
Ever since I was fourteen
Doing hard work in the woods
With draw-knife and hatchet.
My father went to the war
And never came back.
He left three young children behind
To cope with life's hardships.
I'd have liked to live longer
To see my plans come true.
From sixty two countries
People came to visit me till yesterday.
Many heads of state
Called on me
And from now on when they come
They won't find me.
All those who came to visit me
I wish them well
For I left this life
At age 69."

"When I lived in this world
My name was Turda Anuta.
Eh, mother, I came to you
I'll be better off here
Where I see nobody quarrelling.
I had two daughters,
May God keep them in good health
And I was widowed
And left to feel pain.
You, Marie, my daughter,
May God give you a good life
You saw us all off.
In my lifetime
I would go to the fields
Early in the morning
To take food to my husband.
I lived 86 years. Died in 1984."

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Translations: Mihailsescu, Anca & Pestarque, Gerard: Sapinta, The Merry Cemetery, Editions Hesse, 1991.


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