Voronet (Vor-oh-nets) monastery.

Fall 2002: 

Voronet is famous for its blue colored pigment. They've tried to resurrect the secret of how to make it, but been unable to succeed.







Centuries of sunlight has faded famous blue and all other colors to nothing on the southern side. Restoration is hopeless here.






But inside, restoration involves the careful removal of centuries of soot from burning candles. 




A simple brush with de-mineralized water, and a not-so-simple hand practiced at the art of applying enough to remove grime, but not enough to destabilize the plaster. 





The results are easy to see, as the tower promises a sparkling display once the scaffolding can be removed.








Voronet's western wall sports the best of Bucovina's Last Judgment scenes. Possibly the best fresco of the entire region.

There's no door or porch to break up the scene, and the colors have survived .





Angels sound the horns of the apocalypse. 

Graves give up their dead, and animals that have eaten a hand or two give them back to their rightful owners.




Angels help tidy up the devil's work.




Which allows the faithful to congregate inside the walls protected by the prophets together with all the other holy folks of the afterlife. 






In this life, our host Octavian wants to be sure we miss no detail of his favorite scenes. 


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