Chunnel Engine

The Chunnel is a taste of Star Trek under the Channel

August 5, 1999:

Bilingual TollboothWe thought we'd take the ferry across the channel until we looked into the price.

For the gotta-be-something-different experience we just needed to pay an extra twenty pounds. And in the bargain we got to cut a three hour crossing down to just 34 minutes. Easy choice.

When we arrived, we were filled with excitement seeing the bi-lingual signs.

Vans waiting   

We felt right at home waiting with the other campers and left hand drive vehicles. We began to hear a lot of French being spoken.


No port of call would be complete without a "Tax Free Prices" shopping zone. Now that the EU had done away with Duty Free shopping when crossing between member countries, all the 'Duty Free' shops have had to keep their prices low, presumably at the expense of their margins.

Here Kathleen heads through the Euro like doors to a bright world of cool new products. We bought a money belt.


Car through the window   

Finally we got to fire up our engines and drive the fifteen minutes remaining to the train. As we approached we could see cars parked inside.

Driving into the back   

Then we came to the business end of the chunnel. We just followed the traffic right into the belly of the custom designed train.

It's a Star Trek world   

Inside is a world of automation and air-pressure equalizing doorways that felt like a visit to the world of Star Trek. The bulkheads lowered by themselves from the ceiling and met with other parts swinging out from the wall. Hissing air signaled the seal being made.

Beam us up, Scotty!

Van inside   




Looking in and looking out   

Everybody stays inside their vehicle. There's no where to go and only a tiny toilet all the way at the back of the train.

Here the bus bound travelers look like fish in an aquarium.

Driving away   

Join us as we camp out in Versailles! FRANCE



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