The Cotswolds are a land of beautiful scenery and friendly people.

May 21, 1999

We honored the good advice we'd received to visit the Costwold area of southern England. Between Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon the landscape rolls gently and villages vie amicably for the title of 'Prettiest Village in Britain.' Current title holder is Castle Combe, seen to the left. These villagers leave their windows open so you can look in to judge for yourself their good taste in decorations.

This area is criss-crossed with 'Public Footpaths' which encourage foreigners to traipse through fields with horses, sheep and cattle. At the edges of these fields are these rather clever gates which allow any being with opposable thumbs to grab the gate and pull it past the body. But beasts can only push the door shut against the far gatepost. This invention stymies even the craftiest goat who must wait behind for other tourists.

Everywhere people are engaged in peaceable activities. Here the Bradford-upon-Avon Boat Club puts away one of their new toys.

Here a Bradford native engages in a national pastime.



Here the local tourists engage in their adopted past time -- teatime!




Even the livestock are in on this 'being friendly' kick. A sudden stop by the side of the road brought these curious cows trotting over to see who had arrived.




Must be something in the water.

We trade countryside for the commercial bliss of Stratford-upon-Avon -- Shakespeare's birthplace

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