A three hour ferry trip took us to the land of fairies and kings...

May 12, 1999

We were lucky with our first night camping. The travel books told us we could pull over and park anywhere, but of course we'd never actually done it... At first it seemed there was no place to park because the roads here are so narrow. The locals park facing either way on either side of the street and the logic they use to pick spots still eludes us.

But as night was falling, we pulled down a tiny dead-end lane and found this spot next to a babbling brook and chattering ducks.


We spent the first day organizing until the kind English gentleman asked us to move as we were blocking his view of the ducks.

We quickly adjusted to van life and you can see more images of it on by clicking here.


We had to stop along the way for provisions. It's amazing how much the British love their Crisps.



On the 'Motorways' (as they call the freeways here) they have rest stops which are true to their name. There was a place called the 'Internet Exchange' at the second Welcome Break we visited. Part of this website was uploaded there.


Our first major stop was Winchester. It's a 'red underline town' on the tourist map we got in the Netherlands. That means it outranks a 'green underline town' and is a must-see.

Here you see the countryside that calls to our spirits to run away here to England for the rest of our lives. These scenes are everywhere.


The reason for the red underline includes the cathedral, Winchester college and the castle ruins. Here you see a few scenes from the town.








College (high-school) boys walking to class through the WWI and WWII war memorial located on campus.






Here Kathleen lounges in front of the house where one of her favorite authors spent the last six weeks of her life. Jane Austin came to Winchester for help from doctors at the college just before she died.    



Winchester was home to the national archery competition the day we were there. Jolly good fun.



And afterwards, relaxing at another campsite with the local inhabitants.

Next stop: Stonehenge!

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