2000-2003 Photographer and Author

       Authored www.leafpile.com, a narrative travelogue.

       Captured over 5,000 images documenting rural traditions in Transylvania as part of The Color of Hay, a thesis project documenting a disappearing way of life.

       Authored articles on traveling & technology and rural Transylvanian life.

       Presented numerous PowerPoint slide shows to the general public on peasant traditions. 

1989-2000 Computer Professional 

       Project Management

·         Managed long term, multi-team projects including: 7 month integration of West and East coast computer systems for a major furniture retailer, 6 month creation of a suite of systems to provide customers with reservation of inventory sold to them, and 12 month planning for overall systems integration of largest furniture retailer in America.

·         Maintained project plans for teams ranging from 2 to 12 persons in order to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Fostered better communication between senior management and ground level developers.

·         Performed daily triage of support needs to determine staffing levels appropriate to provide needed ongoing services while still permitting development projects to proceed. Sustained a high degree of satisfaction from the user community.

·         Interviewed, hired, evaluated, counseled, terminated and promoted employees. 

       Team Member

·         Employed both low-profile and high-profile strategies to accomplish the resuscitation of group esteem and productivity of weakened teams. 

·         Chaired a committee to bring together user community and information technology providers in order to increase transparency in providing systems development.

       Technical Writing & Communication

·         Wrote legions of proposals, estimates, explanations and directives in the service of various projects across a variety of software and hardware platforms. 

·         Authored and presented PowerPoint presentations to all levels of management and staff on subjects as diverse as strategic challenges for systems integration to detailed changes in end-user procedures. 

       Development and Maintenance

·         Developed proof of concept prototypes incorporating advanced technology into existing application packages for a software vendor. Demonstrated systems at industry conferences. 

·         Created a workflow tracking system as offshoot from Image integration. Became the portal for access to all of company’s program modules. Feature rich system was responsible for generating increasing sales.

·        Responsible for maintenance of hardware, network connectivity and desktop applications for software development firm. 

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